"GUEPARD Workshop''

September, 5-6 2013, Paris, France

The aim of this workshop on ``Exact and approximate algorithms with performance guarantee for multiobjective combinatorial optimization'' is to bring together some people involved in the topic of multicriteria combinatorial optimization and to present recent advances in the field. The workshop will be held at Pierre et Marie Curie University, on September 2013, 5-6, and will include various presentations from participants of the ANR project GUEPARD, but also foreign colleagues from Belgium, Spain, Denmark and USA.


Free of charge. Just send an email with your name and affiliation at workshopguepard (at) gmail (dot) com



9:30 Welcome participants and workshop introduction

10:00 A bi-objective approach to reschedule new jobs in a one machine model
J. Teghem, D. Tuyttens

10:45 On the computation of nondominated extreme points of Multi-Objective Integer Linear Programmes
Speaker: A. Przybylski; with K. Klamroth and X. Gandibleux

11:15 Worst case guarantees for a multiple objective problem in a matroid
L. Gourves, J. Monnot, L. Tlilane

11:45 Bi-Objective Based Algorithm for Computing an Optimal Solution of the Single Objective Resource Constrainted Assignment Problem
Speaker: X. Gandibleux; with A. Przybylski, L. Pelletier, and Z. Aoudia

12:15 lunch

14h00 A branch-and-bound algorithm for biobjective mixed-integer programs
M. M. Wiecek

14:45 Rank and Bound for Bi-Objective Mixed Integer Linear Programmes
Speaker: T. Vincent; with A. Przybylski and X. Gandibleux

15:15 Exact algorithms for OWA-optimization in multiobjective spanning tree problems
L. Galand; O. Spanjaard

15:45 break

16:15 Near Admissible Algorithms for Multiobjective Search
P. Perny, O. Spanjaard

16:45 On minimal size approximations of the nondominated set
C. Bazgan, F. Jamain, D. Vanderpooten

17h15 Approximation of Lorenz-Optimal Solutions in Multiobjective Markov Decision Processes
P. Perny, P. Weng

17h45 end


09:45 Multiobjective Optimization from a Graphical Models Perspective
J. Larossa

10:30 Hybrid approaches for the generation of the nondominated set for multiobjective combinatorial optimization problems
R. Lacour, D. Vanderpooten

11:00 break

11:30 Efficient multicriteria shortest-path search in graphs
L. Mandow

12:00 Bidirectional Preference-based Search for Multiobjective State Space Graph Problems
L. Galand, A. Ismaili, P. Perny, O. Spanjaard

12:30 lunch

14h00 The Bi-Criterion Adaptive Stochastic Knapsack Problem
Speaker: K. A. Andersen; with M. Ehrgott, L. Relund Nielsen, D. Pretolani

14:45 Robust capacity expansion of a network under demand uncertainty/imprecision: a bicriteria approach
H. Aissi, D. Vanderpooten

15:15 Inverse multiobjective 0-1 linear programming: evaluation of perturbations of the objective functions coefficients in the $\ell_1$-norm
Speaker: E. Gurevsky; with G. Goisque and X. Gandibleux

15:45 break

16:15 Efficient determination of compromise solutions for multiobjective combinatorial optimization problems
L. Belhoul, L. Galand, D. Vanderpooten

16:45 k-additive Choquet optimal solutions in multiobjective combinatorial optimization
A. Rolland, T. Lust

17h15 end

Organizing committee

C. Bazgan, X. Gandibleux, P. Perny, D. Vanderpooten, T. Lust, A. Przybylski, O. Spanjaard, P. Weng.


The workshop will take place at University Paris 6, Building Esclangon - Amphi Durand, 4 place Jussieu 75005 Paris.

How to come

  • line 7 (Jussieu)
  • line 10 (Jussieu)
  • number 67 or 89: Jussieu
  • number 63 or 24: Université Paris 6 or Cuvier (quai St Bernard)
  • number 47: Cardinal Lemoine
  • number 67, 89, 86 or 87: Institut du Monde Arabe