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GUEPARD stands for "GUaranteed Efficiency for PAReto optimal solutions Determination in multiobjective combinatorial optimization problems", a French scientific project (2010 - 2012) supported by the ANR (French Research Agency). It includes 3 partners: LIP6, LAMSADE, LINA (for more informations, see Members). The project is divided into five complementary tasks that cover the main scientific questions to be dealt with in any multiobjective combinatorial optimization study:

  • Analysis of instances of MOCO problems, library of instances (leader: A. Przybylski).
  • Complexity and approximability of multiobjective combinatorial optimization problems (leader: C. Bazgan).
  • Exact methods for the determination of the Pareto set (leader: X. Gandibleux).
  • Efficient approximation algorithms for the Pareto set with provable guarantees (leader D. Vanderpooten).
  • Preference-based optimization for compromise search (leader: P. Perny).

Projet Leader : Patrice Perny (contact : patrice[dot]perny[at]